ENAC and The ENAC Foundation


ENAC, École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile, is Europe’s largest aeronautical Grandes Écoles or university. ENAC trains a wide range of professionals: engineers and high-level professionals capable of designing and developing aeronautical systems (aircraft, including cockpits and engines) and, more broadly, air transport systems (airports, airlines, etc.), as well as airline pilots, air traffic controllers and aeronautical technicians. ENAC is ever closer to the world of business and innovation, thanks to strong partnerships with major players in the aeronautical world. As a result, the school offers its students rich and varied professional experience, in tune with the business world. It also enables them to develop numerous research and innovation partnership projects. The school’s research laboratories are at the cutting edge of innovation, working actively with top-level international universities to ensure that air transport is ever safer, more efficient and more sustainable. https://www.enac.fr/fr

The ENAC Foundation

The mission of the ENAC Foundation is to support the development of ENAC through the patronage of companies, institutions and individual donors; to promote its brand image and reputation in order to enhance its national and international influence; to strengthen ENAC’s links with the socio-economic world; and, more broadly, to promote ENAC’s values and model, both within its community and with its partners and society at large. The ENAC Foundation is a partnership foundation, co-founded by ENAC, Airbus and the ADP Group. “Accelerating ambition in training and research for the benefit of air transport”. By supporting research and innovation at ENAC through the creation of teaching and research Chairs based on the school’s multidisciplinary areas of expertise, alongside its corporate sponsors, major players in the aeronautics industry. The Chairs help shape tomorrow’s solutions in terms of ecological transition, digitalization and ever safer, more intelligent and sustainable mobility systems. This dynamic of open research and innovation not only contributes to the progress of the entire sector, but also to the excellence of ENAC’s training courses, by transmitting knowledge on cutting-edge themes to all the school’s students. https://fondation.enac.fr/