Micro U-space Visualization

In Bordeaux UAV Show in October 2023, we showcased a Micro U-space, with physical drones performing operations non-stop during the exhibition ; and a system allowing to visualize the services executed.

This mix a cyberphysical systems (the drones) and the U-space services allowed autonomous operations for the Crazyflies used for the demonstration.

Three scenarios were performed by the drones:

  • one medical transport from two hospitals (red)
  • one police drone doing routine surveillance (blue)
  • one taxi drone transporting passengers (yellow)

Of course, the drones had to land and recharge. One of their deconfliction rules was to not to be allowed to take-off until it has enough battery power and that there was a slot available to perform safely its flight.

Technical stack:

  • Front-end: JS - Leaflet, Pixi
  • Backend: Python - Flask
  • Physical: Crazyflie

The visualization took some inspiration from CORUS v4, for the different steps of a drone operation as well as some of the recommandations in our CHI paper.

Research Engineer, PostDoc

Balita is in charge of regulatory expertise, the integration and development of new Unmanned Traffic Management services, and new approaches to both system architecture and research methods.